Interior Designer




 To me good design is timeless and reflects the potential of any space.

Kate Austin

Kate Austin

I have been decorating and designing now for just on 9 years after previously dedicating over 17 years to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

My true passion is residential design, where I have worked for a high-end Brisbane property developer-on exclusive residential projects. I have also worked for Brisbane and Sydney based furniture and design companies as well as representing some exclusive textile and wall-covering brands.

I have also had exposure on commercial and hospitality design projects, but my love for residential design and decor has always been my real passion.

Having completed an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration here in Brisbane at CATC, I am formally educated and trained in an Industry that gives me such reward and is forever changing.

I maintain today a great appreciation for many design periods and styles. This allows for creative freedom, yet considered decisions and choices to be made.
I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architectural space and design elements, to the furniture, soft furnishings and lighting that complete it.

As well as colour palette, fixtures and finishes that are essential in creating an innovative and balanced space.

Understanding and interpreting a clients’ needs is essential for an Interior designer. Listening to and providing a solution for their clients’ interior requirements can sometimes be challenging, but for me an interior should be a reflection about the people who inhabit them and the way they live…